To begin your tour of the Residence click on the “3D Showcase” bar at the center of the roof terrace.
Upon loading you will be transported to your roof terrace and able to move freely throughout the residence at your leisure.
A panning feature allows for a full 360 view of any location you are in and may be enabled in two ways. Either click your mousepad and scroll/swipe or use the arrows located in the lower right corner.
Clicking anywhere on the floor will allow for easy navigation through the entire home. The circles are provided as a loose guide.
In the bottom left corner are three icons. Your tour begins with the walking man which allows for movement throughout the home. The center icon zooms to a dollhouse mode which provides a side elevation of the residence. You may use the arrows in the lower right corner to straighten and turn the dollhouse to any view desired. Additionally the elevation may be pulled closer or pushed by clicking on your mousepad and scrolling up or down. While in the dollhouse mode clicking on any room will provide transport to that location from which you may re-commence moving about the residence. The third icon provides a floorplan which shows the orientation of the roof terrace and the rooms on the second floor. Clicking on any area will also transport you into that location.
We hope you enjoy your tour of this beautiful residence. If you need further instruction, have questions or would like to comment please contact me and I will be happy to assist.